KingAir® is new and absolutely unique technology for compressed ari quality treatment. Thanks to its patented design meets the highest demands on compressed air quality according to ISO 12500 (method of testing filters for compressed air). The KingAir® separator design allows effective water and oil removal and other impurities.

Water and oil removal > 99,9999%
Particles removal at 1 micron > 99,9999%
No loss of efficiency depending on pressure and flow
No power and operation costs
No filter inserts

Current industry demands requests the purest compressed air and ideal conditions for machinery and equipment. Low media quality means costly repairs and wear - consequential investments. The standard solution is drying and cleaning the media at the production part. However, these facilities are costly not only for investment, but also for their subsequent maintenance. Since the cleaned medium passes through the distribution line and formation of condensate may already occur within a few meters, thereby decreasing the efficiency of the original treatment of the compressed medium. Separators that are capable of replacing these devices can be placed with a small size and weight just before the point of consumption to ensure maximum media cleaning performance.