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Compressed air quality

Increasing energy costs in manufacturing companies leads to the search for savings on various forms of energy, such as compressed air, electricity, gas, cooling, thermal energy, etc. It should therefore be a matter of course for every company to know its energy costs transparently. Not only the quality of the compressed air, but also the pressure, flow and temperature can affect both the devices using the compressed air and the quality of the final product.

We offer our existing and new customers services in the field of measuring the quality of compressed air and gases to provide the basis for audits of the energy management system ISO50001 (it is a worldwide standard for implementation and certification of energy management systems) energy management systems of organizations of any size or focus with ISO14001 and ISO9001. Equipment purchased under subsidies must be monitored and demonstrated the benefits of energy saving or quality improvement. I am able to offer an audit to companies considering purchasing equipment through subsidy programs.


 Compressed air measurment since 2018.  

We have experience in the field of compressed air:

  1. Air quality according to ISO8573
  2. Compressed air cleaning technology
  3. Compressed air distribution systems
  4. Document for quality audit
  5. Measurement to document the improvement of compressed air quality in the framework of subsidies

Our measuring equipment is ISO certified and is factory calibrated every year to confirm quality assurance. Output can be included in the production quality documentation. These are mainly measurements of flow rates, temperature, pressure and pressure dew point.

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